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Folx is a powerful and smart download manager with many features that have filled out the idle download of the famous IDM leaderboard on the Mac , which can be said that the need for users to download on the Mac has somewhat resolved. Folx divides your download into several parts, so download speeds will increase significantly compared to normal. This software offers a variety of capabilities, such as download scheduling or Scheduler, in which you specify downloads automatically start at a specific time and then cut off at the time you specify, the ability to limit downloading and downloading speed for various downloads. One of the features of this download manager is download features from Torrent.

Key Features of Folx Software :
– Unfilter a file
– Improved download speed
– Ability to receive service from torrent
– Plugin for browsers like Chrome and …
– And…

But what’s the difference between other download management software?
This software is capable of supporting Auto-resuming in downloading files that the server supports this feature and supporting the review of linked links or download links that need to be used for downloading and downloading to start the download. Also, by setting the priority of downloads, you will be able to prioritize requests when you have a large number of requests to download, and after prioritizing your work, the program puts in order of priority to download files.
With this program, you can convert your file into 10 pieces to multiply your download speed and also stop your download at any time and continue at another time, and you can also limit your download speed to a bandwidth You will not be fully engaged and you will be able to get to your next advantage.

Download in scheduled times (Downloads Scheduler)
You may also be users of the free internet overnight, but you can not use it because you are too late. This app will give your Mac a download link and start your time. Set the end of the download process and make it easy to go to sleep.

Tagging system tagging system
Another feature of this program is to categorize the downloaded file according to the file type so that if necessary, you do not need to search all the downloaded files and just go to the section and look for your file there.

Beautiful and attractive appearance
With its beautiful look, this app has become one of the most appealing apps in the download section. It can also be completely personalized with the many features that it gives the user. For example, you can sort your order by name, type, Or label.

Integrate with iTunes
Another feature of the program is that your downloaded music and videos can be automatically integrated with iTunes to make your work easier.
Downloading Torrent is another great feature of this program.




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